DigiCert Secure Site and Secure Site Pro SSL includes the DigiCert Smart Seal. This site seal indicates that your website is secured by a high-level SSL certificate, and gives users a detailed look at the certificate (and your verified company info) with just one click. 

Generate Smart Seal Script

Once your DigiCert Secure Site or Secure Site Pro SSL certificate is Active, you can generate your Smart Seal script on your order dashboard.

Click the Site Seal button underneath the Order Details. 

The Smart Seal configuration options will open in a new window. Here you can customize the size and transparency of the seal logo, as well as the language in which your certificate details will be displayed. 

When you are happy with the Smart Seal configuration, the HTML & Javascript code can be copied and inserted into your website where you want the seal to appear. We recommend entrusting the installation of the Smart Seal to a developer or web designer who knows their way around the website's code.