Installing an SSL certificate on your webserver may require including the Certificate Authority's Intermediate and Root certificates, also known as the "CA Bundle". Not all webservers require the installation of this bundle, so please refer to the SSL installation instructions for your specific server to determine if you must install the intermediate certificates as well.

How to Get Your Intermediate Bundle

1. Download from DigiCert

When your SSL certificate is issued, your admin and technical contacts for the order should receive an email from the Certificate Authority including instructions for downloading your certificate. 

The files that you download from the CA should be labeled in a way that distinguishes the root, intermediate, and server certificates. 

  • Generally, your server SSL file name will end in your domain name. 
  • The intermediate certificate should include the label "DigiCertCA"
  • The root certificate should include the label "TrustedRoot."

Again, your server may not require these files, or it may only require the intermediate DigiCertCA certificate and not require the TrustedRoot file. You should make sure to check your server's instructions for SSL installation to determine if you need these files.

2. Download the CA Bundle from Your RapidSSLOnline Account

You can also download your SSL certificate and CA bundle files from your RapidSSLOnline account at anytime. Simply locate the order on your dashboard Orders List and view the Order Details. Click the Download Certificate button to download your files.

After clicking Download, you'll open a new menu where you can select the type of download you need. 

The options include:

  • Download files based on your Server
  • Download specific file types
  • Download certificate with CA Bundle

All three options will get you what you need, however the Download Certificate with CA Bundle option will also provide a text file containing just the intermediate and root certificates. On some servers, it may be simpler to use this .ca-bundle file for your intermediate certificate installation.