How to Import Certificate in DigiCert Certificate Utility

After your Code Signing Certificate is issued, you should receive a download link from DigiCert via email. You can download your certificate files in a variety of ways from the certificate collection page. The standard download will be a zipped folder containing your code signing certificate and DigiCert's chain certificates.

Once you have the certificate file, the next step is to combine it with the matching private key. If you used the DigiCert Certificate Utility to create your CSR, you can simply import your certificate into the utility to pair it with the key. The process to obtain your Code Signing PFX file is very easy with the DigiCert Certificate Utility.

1. Open the DigiCert Utility and click Import.

2. Browse your PC for the downloaded certificate file, then click Next.

3. Enter a Friendly Name for your certificate so it can be easily recognized in the list of certificates, then click Finish.

4. Your certificate should now appear in the Utility's list of certificates. You can use the Utility to sign code, but if you need to move the certificate to another system, click on the Certificate, then click Export Certificate.

5. On the Certificate Export window, make sure "Yes, export the private key" is checked, as your Code Signing certificate file MUST include this key. Please also make sure "Include all certificates in the certificate path if possible" is checked, then click Next.

6. On the next page, enter a new password and confirm the same password. You are setting this password for the first time. You may need to re-enter this password when installing the certificate on another system.

7. On the next page, click the three dots to select a folder to save the exported certificate. You will also enter a file name to save the certificate as here. When you have selected the file location, click Finish.

8. Your Code Signing certificate should now be saved as a PFX file in the location you selected.

You may move your Code Signing PFX file to another system or import it into your preferred signing tool as needed.