How to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in DigiCert Certificate Utility

A CSR is encoded text that contains information about the certificate requester. This information includes, but is not limited to, the publisher name for the certificate (referred to as a "Common Name"), organization name (if applicable), and a contact email for the certificate. 

DigiCert Code Signing certificates may be generated with a custom CSR. We recommend using the DigiCert Certificate Utility to generate your Code Signing CSR as it makes the process of exporting the certificate PFX file super easy. 

1. Download DigiCert Certificate Utility.

2. Extract and run DigiCertUtil.exe.

3. Accept the terms of the license agreement to proceed.

4. Click Code Signing on the right-hand menu.

5. Click Create CSR.

6. Select Certificate Type: Code Signing.

7. Fill out the form with the information required. Please note that for Code Signing Certificates, the "Common Name" must be the name of the organization requesting the certificate.

8. The standard Key Size is 2048.

9. Click Generate to receive your CSR code. The utility will store the matching private key.

Once you have your CSR, you can generate your Code Signing certificate on your account dashboard.