How to Re-Issue Your Code Signing Certificate on RapidSSLOnline

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to re-issue your Code Signing Certificate, including errors during the initial collection process. You can re-issue your Code Signing certificate at any time during its lifecycle using either the Manual CSR method or the Internet Explorer Browser-based Generation method. If you have already signed and timestamped code before re-issuing, the good news is that the previous signature will still be valid after re-issuing the certificate. You will only need to apply a new signature if you make changes to the previously signed code. 

1. Generate the CSR

You can submit a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR) when re-issuing your Code Signing Certificate. You can use any CSR generation tool to create it, including OpenSSL. We recommend using DigiCert's Certificate Utility to create your Code Signing CSR as this tool makes it very easy to complete the certificate request after the re-issue is done. 

2. Locate Order

From your Dashboard, click the number of Total Orders to get to your Orders List.

On the Orders List, locate the Code Signing order, then click the Order ID to access the Order Details.

3. Re-Issue Request

On the Order Details page, scroll down and click the Re-Issue Certificate button.

A link to will be generated for you. Follow the link to access the re-issue request form. On, paste your CSR into the required field.

There are a few more options to select, including installation method and hashing algorithm. Select the best options for your needs--the default hashing algorithm is SHA-256. When you have finished filling out the form, Submit. 

Your Code Signing certificate has now been submitted for re-issue. You may need to help DigiCert re-validate the order, but this process can be very fast after the order has already been issued once before. As soon as the Code Signing certificate is validated, you will receive an email from DigiCert with instructions for downloading the re-issued certificate.